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"Amazing" -San Francisco Chronicle; "Impressive... persuasive" -Mothering

The Daddy Shift: How Stay-at-Home Dads, Breadwinning Moms, and Shared Parenting are Transforming the American Family

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"Poignant... affecting."--San Francisco Chronicle

"Engagingly persuasive... an impressive book that even the childless should read, for at essence, The Daddy Shift is not just about stay-at-home dads, but about the changing roles of men and women in society."--Review in Mothering magazine

"The Daddy Shift is an elegant book, blending a narrative of Smith’s journey as a father with more solid social-science research than one normally encounters in memoirs. He weaves in thought-provoking ideas, such as that making money should be seen as part of mothering, and that underemployment among young black men wouldn’t be a social problem if leaders and communities made a convincing case for these men to spend that time nurturing their children instead of doing less socially desirable things. Inevitably, political diatribes miss what’s actually happening on the ground, which makes The Daddy Shift a welcome antidote to the Mommy War tracts crowding bookshelves these days."--Review in City Journal

"Amazing... Smith's book lays out a richly detailed--and almost thumb-burning--narrative on the way a new generation of parents are raising their children under this shifting economic and familial landscape. I say thumb-burning because behind the numbers, the book offers some incredibly honest accounts of what it's like for fathers to stay home... The book shines when Smith talks about his relationship with his quarry-working grandfather who thought his wife 'worked for him,' and I admit I skipped ahead to some of the stories about other dads because when it came down to it, they were fun to read -- motivational, even, for any new dad. I read most of the fatherhood books available before the birth of my daughter three years ago and though that's not the intent of this one, I'd still put it at the top of the list for new dads."--Review in the San Francisco Chronicle parenting blog

"Given his background at the Greater Good magazine at Berkeley, I was confident that I would find solid research and analysis in Jeremy Adam Smith’s book. In his appearances on DadLabs, he’s always been authoritative, level-headed and deeply informed. What I did not expect from “The Daddy Shift” was a book that was both personal and polemical. Smith is not afraid to weave his personal fatherhood story into the analysis of the changes gripping families across America. The result is a book that is both thought provoking and moving."--Review on

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"Jeremy Adam Smith is a most purposeful father, a periodic stay-at-home dad who sees his role as not just a choice that’s best for his family but as a sign of a rapidly changing societal landscape... his new book, The Daddy Shift, is a chronicle of a time that he predicts we will look back upon as the start of permanent change."--Lisa Belkin, The New York Times

"Jeremy does more than just gush about his choices regarding fatherhood, he makes a compelling argument that the whole institution of parenting is changing for the better because the definition of the 'good' father is getting an overhaul."--Brian Reid, Rebeldad

"I love it. Jeremy frames the book and the shift towards active and engaged fatherhood in feminist terms, not in the 'we must reclaim our sons!' patriarchal bull shit we get in other places...The Daddy Shift is a wonderful peek into an emerging new world of fatherhood where men of all sorts of backgrounds decide that they will be the one to stay home and raise the kids."--Review in the Bitch magazine blog

"Smith... offers genuine, practical insights into the current parenting landscape in America...[The Daddy Shift is] charming, highly readable, broadly accessible."--Review in True/​Slant

“Most books about fatherhood work from the outside in, from big structural changes to their impact on new dads. It's far more difficult to work from the inside out, to locate your own experiences in those larger patterns. Like William Blake's 'world in a grain of sand,' Jeremy Adam Smith invites readers to identify with the mundane, and then slowly expands the frame to reveal the bigger picture. This is a book both impassioned and insightful, careful and compassionate.”--Michael S. Kimmel, author of Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men and Manhood in America: A Cultural History

"Smith's book is a gentle but persistent appeal to get beyond all those preconceived notions and make the choices that work best for ourselves and our families." --Review in Body + Soul

"Thoroughly researched and deeply felt...While it might be packaged as a book on parenting, The Daddy Shift is more of a call to solidarity - a rallying cry for those of us who occupy what might be considered a difficult circumstance."--Review on Kids These Days!

"Jeremy Adam Smith has written a great book about the stay-at-home dad called The Daddy Shift... He explains how the Depression was a time when there was a cultural shift in fatherhood... This era was also the beginning of the real reason men stayed at home more: Women began to enter the workforce, finding jobs that could support a family. It's a trend that continues to our modern co-parenting era, with men choosing to stay at home when the mother has the superior earning power and career prospects." --Michael Agger, Slate

The Daddy Shift is a wonderful book. I hope everybody checks it out.”--Rebecca Walker, author of Baby Love and Black White and Jewish

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Praise from scholars:

“Forty years ago, a man who wanted to share child-care equally with his wife would have been called 'deviant' and a wife who wanted him to would have been condemned as an 'unnatural' mother. The Daddy Shift shows how far we have come and how much we have to gain by completing this revolution in marriage and parenthood.”--Stephanie Coontz, author of Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage

"Students will love the The Daddy Shift because it offers compelling personal stories and focuses on issues that are important to young people. Instructors will adopt it because it introduces the reader to multiple fields of scholarship and asks provocative questions. The Daddy Shift is appropriate for classes focusing on topics related to family, marriage, parenting, gender, social change, work-life issues, social psychology and public policy." -- Scott Coltrane, Professor of Sociology, University of Oregon, author of Family Man and Gender and Families

"I have used the portrait Jeremy crafts of these amazing couples' lives in both my scholarship and in my classroom. The Daddy Shift paints a compelling picture of the joys and struggles of going against the grain of contemporary work and family life. Jeremy's ability to weave together research and personal narrative is exceptional." -- Caryn Medved, associate professor of communication studies, Baruch College, City University of New York

The Daddy Shift skillfully melds factual and historical data with a style that brings to life these important issues of family, parenting, and fatherhood. I would assign this in my upper-division course on U.S. women and the economy, and I would use this material for a course on masculinities that is currently in development.” -- Shira Tarrant, professor of women's, gender, and sexuality studies, California State University, Long Beach; author of Men and Feminism

"It's not easy for a book to successfully integrate research and theory in a book targeted to a broad audience. In The Daddy Shift, Jeremy Adam Smith achieves this goal, yielding a book appropriate for gender studies course, in between diaper changes, or a long afternoon on the beach."--Aaron Rochlen, associate professor of counseling psychology, University of Texas at Austin

You can order The Daddy Shift at or at your local, independent bookstore.

June 2009
$16.00 softcover
All rights: Beacon Press
6 x 9 /​ 228 pages

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