Details of Road Incidents Can Lead to Significant Car Accident Claims

The following excerpt comes from a UK accident claims company who have requested a sponsored content piece. The article concerns accidents on the UK roads which lead onto car crash claims.

Car crash claims can arise out of many situations, as road accidents can happen at any time after all. If you think of the amount of time that a person spends behind the wheel, and the multitude of dangerous drivers on the road and different weather scenarios then it is no surprise that a significant number of accident claims for compensation claims are brought about due to car crash injuries.

Health and safety plus road safety guidelines are stringently enforced by the police and local council and prosecutions can follow for drivers who show disregard for road safety requirements – it’s fair to say that the courts view such matters very seriously.

The Police will often investigate such matters, especially if a fatality has occurred. The matter will then be reported to the prosecuting authorities for consideration as to the whether or not court proceedings should be initiated. In all such situations, no matter how minor the injury, compensation can be a key factor and consideration for anyone making UK claims.

For the employee, compensation will allow the matter to be brought to a better conclusion and, in the event of serious injuries it can take in to account the impact on the injured person`s life, the fact that they may not be able to work again or only at a reduced capacity and whether or not any care arrangements require to be out in place.

This can extend as far as making changes to a person’s home or living arrangements and providing for 24 hour care if need be.

Such requirements should not be placed upon family members or friends, no matter how keen they are to help.

Given the high likelihood of car accidents occurring on the UK roads, all drivers by law are required to have car and vehicle insurance. This is a statutory requirements and allows insurance cover and protection for both drivers, passengers and members of the public who are at risk of injury.

The existence of this insurance goes a great way to ensuring that injured drivers or passengers are compensated in the event of injury that was not their fault.

Rather than drivers having to take claims against the local council who maintain the roads – who may not be liable to pay the necessary levels of compensation – the accident claim is intimated through a solicitor to the driver who will then pass the matter on to their insurer.

The insurers then have their own solicitors who will communicate directly with the solicitor for the injured party. This is clearly a much smoother and less stressful process than a driver requiring to enter in to such discussions with their accident claims company.

The driver would perhaps be intimidated and would also not know the levels of compensation that were appropriate, or the matters to include within the scope of the claim.

Given that solicitors are involved, legal precedents will be known by each negotiating party meaning that the matter can quickly be resolved. It is the norm that the employers solicitor will initially deny liability for the injury but this is only a way of protecting their client`s position until all of the relevant evidence has been gathered, including medical records and details of how the accident occurred.

Once established liability is usually agreed and the appropriate level of compensation determined. Evidence is very rarely required in compensation claims arising out of accident claims and personal injury matters.

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An Interview with Simon Redmond of Sunderland Personal Injury Solicitors in the UK

When I first launched the blog back in my plan was to always interview as many movers and shakers in the personal injury and accident claims industry as possible.  I did make a start on that with this interview with Edward Barker, but never really continued with it.

Given it’s the new year, with lots of new and exciting news, I decided to pick this back up and today am delighted to say that Simon Redmond who runs a website called Personal Injury Solicitors Sunderland in the United Kingdom has agreed to let me ask him some questions and give you guys an insight into what the industry is like today in England – over to you Simon!

Jeremy: Bob, thanks so much for giving me your time.  I just would like to start by you giving a bit of an introduction to our readers so we can learn a little bit more about you.

Simon: Thanks Simon! Well, it’s pretty simple… I head up the Sunderland Personal Injury website and am responsible for what seems like absolutely everything regarding the website.  That involves managing the social media aspects, getting the content on the website right, and also working with local personal injury solicitors in the Sunderland and Tyne and Wear area in order to ensure that they are receiving the right amount of new leads and client referrals from our website.

The Personal Injury Solicitors Sunderland Website by Bob Wilson.

The Personal Injury Solicitors Sunderland Website by Bob Wilson.

Maintaining those local relationships with our selected personal injury partners in the Sunderland area is so important to us, as our clients are promised an excellent service in terms of accident claims advice so we need to make sure that every step of the way is as easy and as professional as possible.

By having great relationships with our personal injury solicitors it means we can look to maintain both our reputation and a steady stream of income.  It works both ways though, but ultimately it’s very important that we make sure this doesn’t change.  We try to get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce and similar type business initiatives also to help strengthen our ties to the local community.

Jeremy: It sounds like you are really busy a lot of the time then! Are you actually qualified yourself as a personal injury solicitor and do you ever get involved with your compensation cases?

Simon: No absolutely not.  I simply manage the website and the client relationships.  Personal injury and accident claims advice is a very specialist area so we need to keep that part of the business strictly with our personal injury solicitor partners that we work with.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One thing I am really focussing on at the moment is our YouTube presence as it’s an area often neglected by local firms of solicitors.  It would be great if you could feature one or two of our videos in the latest interview. (Note from Jeremy: “Of course, see below and further down”).

Thankfully we have some superb personal injury lawyers in the Sunderland area who partner with us meaning we are always very confident that they are keeping our referred clients happy and offering an excellent service.  The statistics we get back on successful compensation claims seems to show that’s the case most of the time I am glad to say!

Jeremy: I can completely understand.  If there’s one thing I have seen in my time studying to be a personal injury solicitor is the sheer amount of legislation and red tape involved in the industry, which isn’t a bad thing.  But do you ever get frustrated with any aspects of this nature?

Simon: No, not at all.  It’s essential that the personal injury and accident claims industry has very tight legislation.  We are fully regulated by the Claims Management Regulator, but it used to be a bit of a Wild West scenario out there – thankfully that’s all been clamped down on now to a large extent.

It was needed though as people were being spammed, cold called, and hassled by some claims management companies which ended up giving personal injury solicitors around the UK a bad name in some cases.  We only work with registered personal injury solicitors in Sunderland and wouldn’t dream of doing anything less.

To answer your question though, no I don’t have any frustrations with the personal injury world.  It’s a business I love working in and can see myself continuing to do so for some time to come.  The only frustrations I ever have is simply never doing enough business… I just want to make sure that our personal injury lawyers are getting plenty of leads and clients all day and every day.  It’s what makes me tick personally and makes me get up in the morning.

Jeremy: OK so if I was a prospective client for the Personal Injury Solicitors Sunderland website how would you sell the proposition to me and convince me to use your accident claims advice?

Simon: Hopefully you can see from our website how we position ourselves. We want the client to trust in us and have the peace of mind that they will be receiving only the very best personal injury claims advice available in Sunderland, Newcastle and anywhere locally.

Because we operate on a no win no fee basis it means clients that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford legal representation can talk to us on a no-obligation basis, and then be passed over to a professional personal injury solicitor who will fight their corner.  If your readers would like to know more then I recently published a new page titled “No Win No Fee Sunderland” which goes into a lot more detail about how we work and our ethos from this perspective.

I firmly believe that most potential clients who visit our website looking for accident claims advice will call us after reading what we have to say and describing how we work in the field.

Jeremy: Nice approach! Now a question that’s close to my heart having just announced that my wife is pregnany… how does your firm approach aspects such as maternity (and paternity) leave if any of your personal injury lawyers or partners become pregnant?

Simon: We are very forward thinking… or at least I like to think that we are.  We’ve had staff members over the last year become pregnant and have offered them full pay, extended leave, and always, always, want to welcome them back into the business once they are ready to return.

As a business working in the legal industry it’s important that we set the standards and go above and beyond what’s legally required.  That’s why working on our personal injury solicitor’s websites whether that’s in marketing or sales can be so rewarding… as we also put a lot of time and effort into our staff from a work development and social perspective.

Just recently the team responsible for Personal Injury Solicitors Sunderland were all taken abroad for a three day break by the managing director (thanks David!) – this kind of thing is great for team morale and helps to set us apart from other similar businesses working in the Sunderland and Tyne and Wear area I think.  So if anyone reading this fancies joining our team, or if any personal injury solicitors want to team up with us then I would encourage them to get in touch using our email and phone numbers on the website. Alternatively they can contact us on the details I’ve listed below.

Sunderland Personal Injury
4 Admiral Way
Regus House
Doxford International Business Park
United Kingdom

Telephone 0191 502 0638

Jeremy: Sounds like a great place to work, perhaps you can employ me once my baby has been born!  To wrap up the interview, do you have any forthcoming plans or activity with the Personal Injury Solicitors Sunderland website that you can tell our readers about?

Simon: Well, interesting you ask that because the team and I are in the process of developing other websites which are not so locally focused.  For example I have seen some spaces in the online market where personal injury firms could make some great in-roads but aren’t yet taking advantage.  Whilst I can’t go into too much detail for obvious reasons and confidentiality you can be sure that I will come back hopefully for a second interview once we go live with those new projects… I think a lot of people will be very excited by what we have planned, in particular the personal injury lawyers that we currently work with, not just in Bristol but for the whole of the UK.

Oh, and don’t forget to drop your CV in, especially if you do become a personal injury solicitor. We are always looking for new partners!

Jeremy: Thanks Simon I will definitely do that and look forward to hearing your latest plans once you are up and running so please do email me when that happens.

If you are a personal injury solicitor and would like to be interviewed on the Jeremy Adam Smith website then please contact me using the form and tell me a little bit about yourself and any topics or subjects you would like to cover.

How Accident Claims Lawyers Can Leverage Social Media Marketing

likemeThere is a common train of thought in the industry that solicitors and legal firms are not really at the forefront of embracing the Internet when it comes to marketing their services.

In fact, I wrote a previous blog post about how lawyers can embrace Youtube, and how I ran a survey to see how true this actually was. It’s definitely a factor, that lawyers and accident claims companies in particular do tend to view the Internet slightly differently to other businesses, don’t ask me why, but it’s how it seems to be.

However, they really do need to get a proper handle on the technology if they are going to push their businesses forward over the next couple of years.

Social media for accident claims lawyers is one such area that can be hugely improved, and you would be surprised how easy it actually is to engage with prospective or existing clients using tools such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

All of these social media tools are free to set-up and take very little maintenance in truth. With around 80% of the United States public now using search engines and social media to find recommendations for business services, it would be an act of great folly not to become active in this way. Whilst lawyers in the USA used to rely on word of mouth and personal recommendations, the goal posts have now changed. Here is a quick overview of each social media platform that solicitors can use and the benefits of usage.


How many times have you seen friends on Facebook asking for a local business recommendation, and then their friends linking them into a Facebook page of a local business? It happens all the time, all day, and there are probably people in your town or city asking their friends this week for recommendation for a local accident claims or personal injury lawyer.

Don’t miss out on this potential business opportunity for new clients. Make sure that you maintain your page, and from time to time release a piece of news on the website that might be considered “fun” or “attractive” so that it is shared by your followers with their friends – a great way in which to increase the social media visibility of your solicitors firm. Here are some tips on how a solicitor can uses Facebook really well – it’s UK focussed but the strategies remain the same.

Google Plus

When a solicitor sets themselves up with Google Places for Business, it automatically creates them a Google Plus page. If you have ever done a local search in your area for a local business, for example “lawyers in Chicago” you will notice what I call the “Pack of 10” underneath the 3 top natural search engine listings in Google. These results are delivered via a number of factors, but one of the most important parts to these is how well and active a legal firm is with their Google Plus page. Can you afford to miss out? I can’t believe you would want to miss this opportunity – see the image below for an example of how the results appear (I’ve highlighted the Pack of 10 in a yellow shade).



On Twitter it’s possible to monitor trending topics and get involved. So for example, let’s say you are an employment law lawyers and see on Twitter that a large firm has started to lay-off staff, it might create an opportunity for you to reach out to affected staff or the company involved to offer your legal services. The Legal Futures website wrote an excellent news piece about how solicitors were getting increasing amounts of referrals via Twitter – and this news article was written in 2012!

Promote Your Law Firms’s Social Media Presence

Once you have your social media accounts set-up and you’ve become active, shout about them! It’s no use having them if nobody knows about them. Here’s an example from a solicitor who has added their social media icons to the header of their website to increase the sign-ups, likes, shares, and connections.


If you are not using social media in your law firm today, then make sure you get on to it straight away. Social media is growing at a frightening rate, and it might not be too far a stretch for the imagination to see a day where all business recommendations and searches are conducted on social media platforms rather than word of mouth or standard Google searches. For no financial investment, and just a little bit of time, your solicitors firm could be the number one in your local area or city within a very short period of time.

Could Mis-Sold SIPP Claims Be Something We In the United States Could Soon See?

Interesting news from the UK here, and some which I often wonder will ever translate over to the United States given the state of the financial services industry?

In essence, what has started to happen is that compensation claims are being made against financial advisors and finance companies, after the mis-selling of SIPPs. A SIPP is a self-invested personal pension, and something that we have our own equivalents of here in the United States.

What the news outlets are saying is quite interesting and goes something like this:

“Shoddy, compromised advice has been widespread in sales of self-invested personal pensions (Sipps), according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has sent out repeated alerts this year warning that many investors may have been victim of a mis-sold SIPP plan.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) also received 1,039 new Sipp complaints in the last financial year, an increase of nearly half on the previous year; the FOS says that in almost two thirds of cases it is finding the business has done something wrong and has been told to put things right for the consumer.”

That’s straight from some of the most well-respected government organisations in the UK and a website called the Money Observer, so should give you some form of indication on what is happening as far as SIPPs claims go – not too dissimilar to how the accident claims and personal injury industry has had to face challenges I am sure you will agree.

Mis Sold SIPP Claims

Data from the FCA website on the types of claims on the increase – you will see SIPPs highlighted on there.

What the main problem seems to be is the “self-invested” aspect of SIPPs. This aspect means that it is actally quite easy to mis-sell them, or have them mis-sold to you as an investor. The reason is due to the fact that because investment plans like this have the flexibility to use a wide variety of different investments that fall outside the usual regulations, they can be abused, or mis-managed.

This is very different to standard pension funds plans in the UK, where tight regulation and rules are in place in order to protect people against their losses. Unfortunately many of the people already affected in the UK and England with mis-sold SIPPs have lost their entire life savings. Quite a scary thought I am sure you will agree.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority who regulate the finance industry in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, have published an alert recently where it stated that “serious and ongoing failings” have occurred on behalf of financial advisers whereby they have been negligent and not properly assessed how their clients would suit a SIPP pension product.

Whilst SIPPs give the investor a lot more freedom when compared to a typical pension, they by their nature will be a lot higher risk. In many cases, the person investing will be doing so in off-shore and foreign property investments which are at risk or local laws, and in some extreme cases fraud where the property doesn’t even exist!

In my view, this could be something that could hit the United States soon. I’ve got many friends and old colleagues who have made risky decisions when investing their pension funds, and like the UK SIPP claims that we are now seeing, there’s every chance that they could have been the victim of mis-selling.

Time will only tell.

Happy 60th Birthday to Stephen Thompson – You Old Rogue!

It gives me no sense of pleasure 🙂 to wish my old colleage Stephen Thompson a happy 60th birthday today! Who would have known that when we first met in Oxford, England, all those years ago how closely our paths would relate to each other.

Whilst I was practising in personal injury law here in the United States, he was following a similar path in the UK with his accident claims advice company.

I hope to see you soon old friend! Make sure you hook up with me in Chicago next time you are in the States!

The UK Privacy Regulator Warns Over Accident Claims Calls

Some interesting news here from our cousins from over the pond, with the BBC reporting on complaints regarding accident claims companies calling people in the UK. You can read it in full by visiting the BBC’s UK website here. I’ve also screen-grabbed aspects of the report below, and then taken a bit of their text which you can read.

Personally I am not surprised we don’t hear more about aspects like this here in the United States.


Screenshot from the BBC website in the UK about accident claims complaints.

Synopsis from the BBC Website (Abridged)

More complaints are made about nuisance calls on accident claims than any other subject, despite a ban on the sale of driver details, a regulator has said.

New laws introduced in April 2013 made the payment of referral fees between insurance companies, lawyers and claims management firms illegal.

But the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said there still appeared to be a lucrative trade in this data.

An insurers’ trade body said the subject was taken very seriously.

Security of customers’ personal information was a key legal consideration, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said.

How the Italians Treat Work-Based Accident Claims Law

An interesting work accident claim incident here, this time from Italy. I had to use Google Translate on it, so a few things might be lost in translation, but generally speaking you should get the gist of what’s going on here – you can read this in addition to this other blog post that I recently published about road traffic accident claims law (United States).

The recklessness of the employee does not exclude the responsibility of the manager of the plant for failing to properly secure the car Supreme Court (Fourth Criminal n. 42978 of 29 November 2001, Pres. Violets, Rel. Marzano) – relating to work based accident claims law.

Giuliana B., an official of Nestle Italian, involved in a wrapping machine, while the plant was still tried to remove a lump of chocolate from the cutter by introducing the hand in a space of 45 mm. vacated by Plexiglas door placed to protect the gears; suddenly the car is moved up and the left hand that was between the blades was crushed.

In the criminal trial that followed, the manager of the factory was defended by claiming that the incident occurred on the imprudent conduct of the worker who, before introducing your hand into the machine, he should remove the protective Plexiglas pressing thereby the switch, and thus blocking the cutter.

Both the Magistrate that the Court of Appeal in Perugia, have claimed the responsibility of the manager noting that according to the law (art. 68 of Presidential Decree no. 354/95) “segregation of the working parts, must be, as far as possible, absolute , and it must be made so as to not only prevent accidental contact between these bodies and the workers who use the machine but also contacts took “and that in the present case would have been possible to reduce the gap left in the protection of Plexiglas (to allow the passage of the packaged chocolate), so as to make impossible the introduction of a hand without the simultaneous lifting of the door, which in turn, would have resulted in the blocking of the machine.

The official appealed to the Supreme Court arguing that the Court of Appeal should have recognize the reckless behavior of the worker the sole cause of the accident.

The Supreme Court (Fourth Criminal Section no. 42978 of 29 November 2001, Pres. Violets, Rel. Marzano) dismissed the action, noting that emerged from the inquiry carried out the possibility of creating a security such as to prevent the worker could introduce hand in the machine and that the removal of lumps of chocolate was within the duties entrusted to Giuliana B. and she habitually carried out.

Abnormal behavior of the employee – said the Court – can gain value occurred because, by itself sufficient to cause the event, when it is absolutely foreign to the production process and the tasks assigned, resolving in a behavior totally unpredictable; It is not however sufficient to exclude the responsibility of the entrepreneur behavior reckless, careless, reckless, negligent worker, put in place in the context of work carried out, as such conduct, it is not all that great and unpredictable.

You Must Watch Breaking Bad Just for the Saul Goodman Lawyer Character

A couple of weeks back I did a post after finding a great video from a personal injury and accident claims lawyer which reminded me a little about Better Call Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. Well, I had a couple of friends email me on Facebook saying they’d never even seen Saul! Well, how about this to whet your appetite so you can see exactly who I am talking about.

You Simply Have to Watch It

As I previously mentioned, if you haven’t see the program make sure you check it out on Netflix. It doesn’t cost much to sign up and you get all episodes of Breaking Bad, plus the follow series of Better Call Saul which was the spin-off.

Once You’ve Been to Hell and Back There’s Not Much Left to Fear

Another great lawyer video, this time from an accident claims company.

Once you’ve been to hell and back there’s not much left to fear. When the boogeyman goes to sleep at night he checks under the bed at night for me.

Have you ever wondered who Waldo is hiding from? Me. Not even the Cougars of LA are enough to scare me. But if I get into an accident I am calling the boss.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident and want to make an accident claim, then don’t back down.

Better Call Saul? Brilliant Personal Injury Lawyer Video

If you watched Breaking Bad you will know their slightly dodgy lawyer, Saul. If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad then watch it now. It’s brilliant.


Saul Goodman – majestic.

Saul Goodman was one of those lawyers who was always running close to the wind, and had a unique approach to marketing his services.

Now, check out this video from a personal injury lawyer. It’s absolutely brilliant and reminds me a lot of Saul Goodman… not the dodgy part of course, just the characteristics and the way he says things (by the way, the guy in the video is a perfectly legitimate personal injury lawyer).

Personal Injury Lawyers Should Use Video Marketing

The personal injury lawyer in this video probably gets a load of business and clients. And you can see why. If you aren’t using video marketing then I advise that you take a leaf out of this guy’s book and get started. You can see another example I recently reviewed here too.

Life as an Accident Claims Lawyer and Personal Injury Advocate

One of my past students once asked me what life was like as an accident claims lawyer. Below are some notes that I once used on a company website, which I think pretty much answers that question (or at least I hope it does). If you want to train as an accident claims lawyer or a personal injury lawyer please contact me for training opportunities.

Specialized Personal Injury Lawyers

Energetically fighting for more than 30 years for the victims of negligence

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident as a result of the negligence of a third party, and have experienced injury, it is likely to be entitled to collect damages for personal injury. You should talk as soon as possible with an experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury and to determine the best course of action to take to protect the rights of their loved ones and their interests.

With over 30 years of experience representing personal injury victims, the Law Group understand that serious injuries can be traumatic and challenging physical and emotional level. We know that time after an accident can be a challenge, and to go through the legal process to obtain compensation can be frustrating without proper legal advice.

Help victims of personal injury cases is the heart of our specialty. We’re here to help.

Experienced injury lawyers offering Results

When choosing a specialist personal injury attorney who represents then a major accident, there is nothing more important to choose a lawyer with experience and reputation, which have an impeccable record of victories. Your future may depend on it.

Law Group not only have experience but have a solid record of accomplishment for our customers. The team have been involved in cases whose agreements totaling more than a billion dollars .

Our team of lawyers and experts in injury have the skills and understanding of the legal system to thoroughly analyze every aspect of possible negligence in a personal injury case to determine liability and ensure that potential defendants assume their respective responsibility.

Our lawyers will do everything in its power to achieve justice for you if you have been injured or contracted a disease through negligence. Our goal is to obtain a full and fair compensation for each and every one of our customers.

We love to.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents Claims Worked On

The Law Group team have plenty of experience in representing clients across a broad spectrum of injury cases.

Some of the types of injury cases in which we have participated include:

  • Car accidents
  • Bus Accident
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Catastrophic sports injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Rail accidents
  • Plane crashes
  • Accidents on oil rigs
  • Accidents in swimming pools
  • Work accidents
  • Manslaughter
  • Dog bites
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Birth injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Shocks
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spine injuries

We care for our injured clients

We understand how difficult it can be to face circumstances beyond their control and worry about their future. That’s what our legal team here to do everything possible to return to give our customers the quality of life they had before his accident. We are dedicated to truth and our goal is to do everything possible to help achieve the best quality of life possible from now on. This is what we promise.

Our accident claims lawyers know what it’s like to face big insurance companies and major companies. We understand against what you have to fight and believe in the battle that is raging. We care about what happened and hope that justice is done in their name.

Vigorously seek all alternative compensation and restitution on behalf of our customers and will handle all negotiations with insurance companies for you so you can concentrate on the most difficult task of all, to recover.

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All

I would like to wish all of my readers, friends, family members, and past clients a very happy Christmas as well as a prosperous new year for 2016.

I hope that you will be joining me on my new adventure with this website and blog, and look forward to receiving any contributions that you might want featured on the website.

Please scroll down to re-cap or discover articles I have already published so far. I will also soon be opening up my calendar for study support so please see that too.

My Take on Road Accident Claims and When to Use an Insurer

Monday morning, you’re going to get the kids to school late, the traffic is at its highest of the day and to make matters worse you accidentally drive into the back of the car which is ahead of you.

Damage to your vehicle is minor, but still valued at a few hundred dollars. The question arises, should I ask my auto insurer to pay for this accident claim or not?

There are several aspects to know before claiming via your insurer. First when damage is minor, it is important to verify the amount of the excess you are liable for before you can make a road accident claim. If, for example, your deductible collision is $500 and the amount of losses is less than the deductible, there is no need to contact your insurer, as they cannot do anything for you.

propnelIn the case where your deductible is $500 and the total amount of compensation is $700, you must see if it is really worth making an accident claim. The insurer will assume say $200 of repairs, however your premiums will increase next year which is never good!

Generally, insurers are able to tell you approximately how much your premium will increase the following year after you make an accident claim. If the increase is minimal and you do not have the money to pay for all repairs, asking your insurer to pay can be an interesting conversation.

If you have very low deductibles or deductibles to $0. It is very tempting to call but as explained above, any fault accident will increase the premium the following year. So it is very important to increase validated with your insurer.

Furthermore, any responsible claim will increase your premium for X number of years depending on the subscription measurements of each insurer. For example, if your premium increased by 5% for 5 years [1] only because of your fault accident and before your accident you pay $ 490 for your car insurance:

Renewal Annual premium with 5% increase in relation fault accident difference between the premium before the accident ($490)

  • First renewal $ 514 $ 24
  • Second renewal $ 540 $ 50
  • Third renewal $ 567 $ 77
  • Fourth renewal $ 595 $ 105
  • Fifth renewal $ 625 $ 135

The total cost of the increase is $ 391 and the amount that the insurer is to pay $ 200, so you can see clearly that this is not really worth the claimed penalty for a small amount. Moreover, the increase is only in connection with the fault accident and your premium may be higher due to the normal increase.

If you have multiple claims under your belt a few years, it is not to your advantage to claim in a minor accident because your insurer will take away protections. For example, increasing your deductible to avoid the frequency of claims or removing your new value etc.

In short, at low claims, it is important to look with its insurer the impact of the claim in order to choose the most advantageous to your situation.

[1] It should be noted that the 5% increase and the number of years are subjective and can be different according to each insurer. 

The content of this article is for information the sole purpose of developing your thinking and not constitute any advice. Only a professional duly licensed insurer can analyze your personal situation, discuss your needs and advise you in terms of insurance. Click Assure is not an insurance company or an insurance broker or a representative in terms of the law. For questions of insurance, consult a professional

How This Accident Claims Lawyer Uses Video To Attract New Clients

I am always interested to see what my old peers in the industry are up to. I stumbled across this video on YouTube earlier today which demonstrates what this particular accident claims lawyer is up to with regards to the video marketing of his firm.

When I was practicing I was always a massive advocate of changing the established way of working in personal injury, but unfortunately many lawyers, solicitors, and accident claims firms don’t seem to be very quick to adopt the latest Internet marketing strategies.

However, the guy below is an exception so take a minute or so to see what he does with video.

Video is Fantastic for Client Aquisition

I am sure you will agree he comes across as being friendly and trusting, which is just what you want when employing a lawyer to represent you. If I was a prospective client and I had two lawyers to compare, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would choose him because he has these great videos on his website – not many lawyers or accident claims companies are doing this.

Are you using video?

If not, why not?

1 2