The UK Privacy Regulator Warns Over Accident Claims Calls

Some interesting news here from our cousins from over the pond, with the BBC reporting on complaints regarding accident claims companies calling people in the UK. You can read it in full by visiting the BBC’s UK website here. I’ve also screen-grabbed aspects of the report below, and then taken a bit of their text which you can read.

Personally I am not surprised we don’t hear more about aspects like this here in the United States.


Screenshot from the BBC website in the UK about accident claims complaints.

Synopsis from the BBC Website (Abridged)

More complaints are made about nuisance calls on accident claims than any other subject, despite a ban on the sale of driver details, a regulator has said.

New laws introduced in April 2013 made the payment of referral fees between insurance companies, lawyers and claims management firms illegal.

But the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said there still appeared to be a lucrative trade in this data.

An insurers’ trade body said the subject was taken very seriously.

Security of customers’ personal information was a key legal consideration, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said.


How the Italians Treat Work-Based Accident Claims Law

An interesting work accident claim incident here, this time from Italy. I had to use Google Translate on it, so a few things might be lost in translation, but generally speaking you should get the gist of what’s going on here – you can read this in addition to this other blog post that I recently published about road traffic accident claims law (United States).

The recklessness of the employee does not exclude the responsibility of the manager of the plant for failing to properly secure the car Supreme Court (Fourth Criminal n. 42978 of 29 November 2001, Pres. Violets, Rel. Marzano) – relating to work based accident claims law.

Giuliana B., an official of Nestle Italian, involved in a wrapping machine, while the plant was still tried to remove a lump of chocolate from the cutter by introducing the hand in a space of 45 mm. vacated by Plexiglas door placed to protect the gears; suddenly the car is moved up and the left hand that was between the blades was crushed.

In the criminal trial that followed, the manager of the factory was defended by claiming that the incident occurred on the imprudent conduct of the worker who, before introducing your hand into the machine, he should remove the protective Plexiglas pressing thereby the switch, and thus blocking the cutter.

Both the Magistrate that the Court of Appeal in Perugia, have claimed the responsibility of the manager noting that according to the law (art. 68 of Presidential Decree no. 354/95) “segregation of the working parts, must be, as far as possible, absolute , and it must be made so as to not only prevent accidental contact between these bodies and the workers who use the machine but also contacts took “and that in the present case would have been possible to reduce the gap left in the protection of Plexiglas (to allow the passage of the packaged chocolate), so as to make impossible the introduction of a hand without the simultaneous lifting of the door, which in turn, would have resulted in the blocking of the machine.

The official appealed to the Supreme Court arguing that the Court of Appeal should have recognize the reckless behavior of the worker the sole cause of the accident.

The Supreme Court (Fourth Criminal Section no. 42978 of 29 November 2001, Pres. Violets, Rel. Marzano) dismissed the action, noting that emerged from the inquiry carried out the possibility of creating a security such as to prevent the worker could introduce hand in the machine and that the removal of lumps of chocolate was within the duties entrusted to Giuliana B. and she habitually carried out.

Abnormal behavior of the employee – said the Court – can gain value occurred because, by itself sufficient to cause the event, when it is absolutely foreign to the production process and the tasks assigned, resolving in a behavior totally unpredictable; It is not however sufficient to exclude the responsibility of the entrepreneur behavior reckless, careless, reckless, negligent worker, put in place in the context of work carried out, as such conduct, it is not all that great and unpredictable.


You Must Watch Breaking Bad Just for the Saul Goodman Lawyer Character

A couple of weeks back I did a post after finding a great video from a personal injury and accident claims lawyer which reminded me a little about Better Call Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. Well, I had a couple of friends email me on Facebook saying they’d never even seen Saul! Well, how about this to whet your appetite so you can see exactly who I am talking about.

You Simply Have to Watch It

As I previously mentioned, if you haven’t see the program make sure you check it out on Netflix. It doesn’t cost much to sign up and you get all episodes of Breaking Bad, plus the follow series of Better Call Saul which was the spin-off.


Once You’ve Been to Hell and Back There’s Not Much Left to Fear

Another great lawyer video, this time from an accident claims company.

Once you’ve been to hell and back there’s not much left to fear. When the boogeyman goes to sleep at night he checks under the bed at night for me.

Have you ever wondered who Waldo is hiding from? Me. Not even the Cougars of LA are enough to scare me. But if I get into an accident I am calling the boss.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident and want to make an accident claim, then don’t back down.


Better Call Saul? Brilliant Personal Injury Lawyer Video

If you watched Breaking Bad you will know their slightly dodgy lawyer, Saul. If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad then watch it now. It’s brilliant.


Saul Goodman – majestic.

Saul Goodman was one of those lawyers who was always running close to the wind, and had a unique approach to marketing his services.

Now, check out this video from a personal injury lawyer. It’s absolutely brilliant and reminds me a lot of Saul Goodman… not the dodgy part of course, just the characteristics and the way he says things (by the way, the guy in the video is a perfectly legitimate personal injury lawyer).

Personal Injury Lawyers Should Use Video Marketing

The personal injury lawyer in this video probably gets a load of business and clients. And you can see why. If you aren’t using video marketing then I advise that you take a leaf out of this guy’s book and get started. You can see another example I recently reviewed here too.


Life as an Accident Claims Lawyer and Personal Injury Advocate

One of my past students once asked me what life was like as an accident claims lawyer. Below are some notes that I once used on a company website, which I think pretty much answers that question (or at least I hope it does). If you want to train as an accident claims lawyer or a personal injury lawyer please contact me for training opportunities.

Specialized Personal Injury Lawyers

Energetically fighting for more than 30 years for the victims of negligence

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident as a result of the negligence of a third party, and have experienced injury, it is likely to be entitled to collect damages for personal injury. You should talk as soon as possible with an experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury and to determine the best course of action to take to protect the rights of their loved ones and their interests.

With over 30 years of experience representing personal injury victims, the Law Group understand that serious injuries can be traumatic and challenging physical and emotional level. We know that time after an accident can be a challenge, and to go through the legal process to obtain compensation can be frustrating without proper legal advice.

Help victims of personal injury cases is the heart of our specialty. We’re here to help.

Experienced injury lawyers offering Results

When choosing a specialist personal injury attorney who represents then a major accident, there is nothing more important to choose a lawyer with experience and reputation, which have an impeccable record of victories. Your future may depend on it.

Law Group not only have experience but have a solid record of accomplishment for our customers. The team have been involved in cases whose agreements totaling more than a billion dollars .

Our team of lawyers and experts in injury have the skills and understanding of the legal system to thoroughly analyze every aspect of possible negligence in a personal injury case to determine liability and ensure that potential defendants assume their respective responsibility.

Our lawyers will do everything in its power to achieve justice for you if you have been injured or contracted a disease through negligence. Our goal is to obtain a full and fair compensation for each and every one of our customers.

We love to.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents Claims Worked On

The Law Group team have plenty of experience in representing clients across a broad spectrum of injury cases.

Some of the types of injury cases in which we have participated include:

  • Car accidents
  • Bus Accident
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Catastrophic sports injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Rail accidents
  • Plane crashes
  • Accidents on oil rigs
  • Accidents in swimming pools
  • Work accidents
  • Manslaughter
  • Dog bites
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Birth injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Shocks
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spine injuries

We care for our injured clients

We understand how difficult it can be to face circumstances beyond their control and worry about their future. That’s what our legal team here to do everything possible to return to give our customers the quality of life they had before his accident. We are dedicated to truth and our goal is to do everything possible to help achieve the best quality of life possible from now on. This is what we promise.

Our accident claims lawyers know what it’s like to face big insurance companies and major companies. We understand against what you have to fight and believe in the battle that is raging. We care about what happened and hope that justice is done in their name.

Vigorously seek all alternative compensation and restitution on behalf of our customers and will handle all negotiations with insurance companies for you so you can concentrate on the most difficult task of all, to recover.


Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All

I would like to wish all of my readers, friends, family members, and past clients a very happy Christmas as well as a prosperous new year for 2016.

I hope that you will be joining me on my new adventure with this website and blog, and look forward to receiving any contributions that you might want featured on the website.

Please scroll down to re-cap or discover articles I have already published so far. I will also soon be opening up my calendar for study support so please see that too.


My Take on Road Accident Claims and When to Use an Insurer

Monday morning, you’re going to get the kids to school late, the traffic is at its highest of the day and to make matters worse you accidentally drive into the back of the car which is ahead of you.

Damage to your vehicle is minor, but still valued at a few hundred dollars. The question arises, should I ask my auto insurer to pay for this accident claim or not?

There are several aspects to know before claiming via your insurer. First when damage is minor, it is important to verify the amount of the excess you are liable for before you can make a road accident claim. If, for example, your deductible collision is $500 and the amount of losses is less than the deductible, there is no need to contact your insurer, as they cannot do anything for you.

propnelIn the case where your deductible is $500 and the total amount of compensation is $700, you must see if it is really worth making an accident claim. The insurer will assume say $200 of repairs, however your premiums will increase next year which is never good!

Generally, insurers are able to tell you approximately how much your premium will increase the following year after you make an accident claim. If the increase is minimal and you do not have the money to pay for all repairs, asking your insurer to pay can be an interesting conversation.

If you have very low deductibles or deductibles to $0. It is very tempting to call but as explained above, any fault accident will increase the premium the following year. So it is very important to increase validated with your insurer.

Furthermore, any responsible claim will increase your premium for X number of years depending on the subscription measurements of each insurer. For example, if your premium increased by 5% for 5 years [1] only because of your fault accident and before your accident you pay $ 490 for your car insurance:

Renewal Annual premium with 5% increase in relation fault accident difference between the premium before the accident ($490)

  • First renewal $ 514 $ 24
  • Second renewal $ 540 $ 50
  • Third renewal $ 567 $ 77
  • Fourth renewal $ 595 $ 105
  • Fifth renewal $ 625 $ 135

The total cost of the increase is $ 391 and the amount that the insurer is to pay $ 200, so you can see clearly that this is not really worth the claimed penalty for a small amount. Moreover, the increase is only in connection with the fault accident and your premium may be higher due to the normal increase.

If you have multiple claims under your belt a few years, it is not to your advantage to claim in a minor accident because your insurer will take away protections. For example, increasing your deductible to avoid the frequency of claims or removing your new value etc.

In short, at low claims, it is important to look with its insurer the impact of the claim in order to choose the most advantageous to your situation.

[1] It should be noted that the 5% increase and the number of years are subjective and can be different according to each insurer. 

The content of this article is for information the sole purpose of developing your thinking and not constitute any advice. Only a professional duly licensed insurer can analyze your personal situation, discuss your needs and advise you in terms of insurance. Click Assure is not an insurance company or an insurance broker or a representative in terms of the law. For questions of insurance, consult a professional


How This Accident Claims Lawyer Uses Video To Attract New Clients

I am always interested to see what my old peers in the industry are up to. I stumbled across this video on YouTube earlier today which demonstrates what this particular accident claims lawyer is up to with regards to the video marketing of his firm.

When I was practicing I was always a massive advocate of changing the established way of working in personal injury, but unfortunately many lawyers, solicitors, and accident claims firms don’t seem to be very quick to adopt the latest Internet marketing strategies.

However, the guy below is an exception so take a minute or so to see what he does with video.

Video is Fantastic for Client Aquisition

I am sure you will agree he comes across as being friendly and trusting, which is just what you want when employing a lawyer to represent you. If I was a prospective client and I had two lawyers to compare, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would choose him because he has these great videos on his website – not many lawyers or accident claims companies are doing this.

Are you using video?

If not, why not?


I Am Planning On Running In The Chicago Marathon 2016

martSince retiring I’ve decided to do all those things I never had a chance to do whilst working as a lawyer. Call it a bucket list if you will. Once such thing is the 2016 Chicago Marathon.

I’ve always wanted to test myself and running a marathon is up there on the things I want to do this year. My son Andrew and I plan on applying soon. Would love to hear from anyone else who is doing so. You can see what the 2015 Chicago Marathon was like in this video.


Join Me With My New Chapter in Life And My New Website

Well it looks like I’ve finally only gone and done it and set up my personal website finally. For those that don’t know me you can find out a little bit more about me on the about page.

In terms of the website you can find information on how I can offer study support services to law students, and if you want to contribute your own musings and opinions on law including personal injury or the accident claims industry here in the United States, you can provide those by contacting me.

Over the next few weeks I will start to post out some blog pieces that I have written over the last couple of months since I retired.

I hope you enjoy my new journey in life!