I am always interested to see what my old peers in the industry are up to. I stumbled across this video on YouTube earlier today which demonstrates what this particular accident claims lawyer is up to with regards to the video marketing of his firm.

When I was practicing I was always a massive advocate of changing the established way of working in personal injury, but unfortunately many lawyers, solicitors, and accident claims firms don’t seem to be very quick to adopt the latest Internet marketing strategies.

However, the guy below is an exception so take a minute or so to see what he does with video.

Video is Fantastic for Client Aquisition

I am sure you will agree he comes across as being friendly and trusting, which is just what you want when employing a lawyer to represent you. If I was a prospective client and I had two lawyers to compare, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would choose him because he has these great videos on his website – not many lawyers or accident claims companies are doing this.

Are you using video?

If not, why not?