If you watched Breaking Bad you will know their slightly dodgy lawyer, Saul. If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad then watch it now. It’s brilliant.


Saul Goodman – majestic.

Saul Goodman was one of those lawyers who was always running close to the wind, and had a unique approach to marketing his services.

Now, check out this video from a personal injury lawyer. It’s absolutely brilliant and reminds me a lot of Saul Goodman… not the dodgy part of course, just the characteristics and the way he says things (by the way, the guy in the video is a perfectly legitimate personal injury lawyer).

Personal Injury Lawyers Should Use Video Marketing

The personal injury lawyer in this video probably gets a load of business and clients. And you can see why. If you aren’t using video marketing then I advise that you take a leaf out of this guy’s book and get started. You can see another example I recently reviewed here too.