Jeremy Adam Smith

Are We Born Racist?

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“The most revealing and important treatment of human prejudice to appear in years. Revolutionary insight follows revolutionary insight in this broadly accessible book, accumulating to nothing less than a paradigm shift that will change how we think about everything from how prejudice affects our own lives to how laws and institutional practice can be used to reduce its ill effects. And it does it all with a brevity that I hope will insure what it deserves most: to be broadly read.” —Claude M. Steele, author of Whistling Vivaldi: And Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us

Where do our prejudices come from? Why are some people more biased than others? Is it possible for individuals, and society as a whole, to truly defeat prejudice?

Scientists have explored these questions for years, and Are We Born Racist? brings their discoveries to a general audience for the first time, as leading scientists, psychologists, educators, and many others discuss why and how our brains form prejudices, how racism hurts our health, steps we can take to mitigate prejudiced instincts, and what a post-prejudice society might actually look like. Writers in Are We Born Racist? illustrate the deep psychological roots of prejudice, detectable even in our brain activity—while also proving that we can change our responses to these biases.

With its groundbreaking scientific basis and multidisciplinary approach, Are We Born Racist? will appeal to positive psychology enthusiasts, educators, readers of books on race and antiracism, parents, medical professionals, students in a wide range of disciplines, and many others who seek practical, research-based tools for overcoming prejudice.

The Editors
Jason Marsh is editor-in-chief of Greater Good magazine and coeditor, with Jeremy Adam Smith and Dacher Keltner, of The Compassionate Instinct. Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton holds a PhD from Columbia University and is currently associate professor of psychology at the University of California-Berkeley. Smith is author of The Daddy Shift; his writing has appeared in the Nation, San Francisco Chronicle, Utne Reader, Wired, and elsewhere. All three editors live in the San Francisco area.

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